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A download of the source code will reveal that two versions of the project: FNHMVC1 and FNHMVC2. This documentation will concern itself only with FNHMVC_2.

The FNHMVC_2 solution consists of several projects:

Project Name Description
FNHMVC.Azure Azure cloud service project for configuring an Azure cloud service application.
FNHMVC.CommandProcessor Defines the interfaces, objects, and exceptions necessary for the CQRS pattern. Also defines a default command bus for the processing of commands.
FNHMVC.Core  An infrastructure layer containing class definitions for objects not explicitly belonging to the domain and model.
FNHMVC.Data The persistence layer for the data store.
FNHMVC.Domain Contains the command and validation handlers for the domain entities.
FNHMVC.Model Contains command, data transfer object (DTO), and entity definitions.
FNHMVC.Test Defines the test for various aspects of this solution including the Web API; testing the commands and queries of the entities; schema creation, update, and validation; and site navigation.
FNHMVC.Web MVC web application.
FNHMVC.Web.API Enables the creation of a RESTful set of services against which the web application can perform CRUD operations.
FNHMVC.Web.Core  An infrastructure layer containing class definitions for objects providing functionality to the web application.

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