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The FNHMVC.Azure project is an Azure cloud service project containing the necessary configuration files for configuring the properties necessary for running the FNHMVC.Web application as an Azure cloud service application.

These files include:
  • ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg
  • ServiceConfiguration.Local.cscfg
  • ServiceDefinition.csdef

The ServiceDefinition.csdef file contain the metadata describing the cloud service application's requirements for the Azure environment. These files will contain any defined roles the application contains and settings applicable to all application instances. This file is not editable while the service runs in Azure.

The ServiceConfiguration.Local.cscfg and ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg files contain the values for the settings defined in the ServiceDefinition.csdef file. This file is editable while the service runs in Azure.

For more information on configuring an Azure project, please consult MSDN's article: Configuring Your Azure Project

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